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Pure Swissness

100% Swissness

Committed to Swissness

There are words that only stand for themselves, as they tell a full story already known by the world. Since the late 1990s, Swissness has been the epitome of everything that makes Switzerland so valuable: “We are like clockwork. Accurate and efficient", say the Swiss about themselves. Studies by the Nation Brands Index (NBI), which examines the strength and attractiveness of country images every year, show that others acknowledge this self-assessment: fair, precise, reliable, traditional, trustworthy, creative, of course ... These are irresistible associations of ideas that “the Swiss” trigger in international surveys. And what applies to people naturally also applies to products made between Basel and Lugano. Its reputation is legendary and the symbol for Swissness, a white cross on a red background, is now a coveted trademark.


SWISS COS – the seal of trust

Innovative cosmetics from Switzerland are an absolute must-have among connoisseurs. Like all goods and services “made in Switzerland”, the high-quality beauty products enjoy the highest reputation and have rightly earned the unconditional trust of consumers. But as in every industry, there are “competitors” who want to benefit from this success - and offer cosmetics for which the Swiss cross or the name on the packaging is the only link to Switzerland. In order to protect their brands and thus also their customers, the manufacturers of genuine Swiss cosmetics have agreed on strict certification principles, including: issued by the Swiss Ministry of Commerce. The result is a seal that gives guarantee. Because there can only be one thing in packaging that says Swiss COS: Cosmetics that are developed and produced in Switzerland make the world of beauty even more luxurious!