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HYBRID-SKINCARE – the perfect combination of nature and high-tech

ARTEMIS. A divine name for a cosmetic line from Switzerland that is fundamentally different. The secret lies in the optimal combination of nature and technology.

The skin experts at ARTEMIS OF SWITZERLAND take the most effective from alpine plant science and combine it with state-of-the-art scientific know-how.

Exclusive Swiss finishing technologies make the difference. They create the perfect combination of nature and high-tech without anything burdensome from both worlds. This is because the natural ingredients also contain extremely potent aggressors which often are not present in synthesized substances. So, naturalness is not always the right solution.

"HYBRID SKINCARE" is the better way! The term stands for the symbiosis of science and nature. The best of both worlds comes in, the burdensome from both worlds is eliminated. For example, the allergenic fragrances (26s) that must be declared according to EU legislation or parabens and paraffin oils that affect the skin in a negative way, look in vain in ARTEMIS OF SWITZERLAND.

The result is pure luxury: Swiss Cosmetic that meets the highest demands in terms of tolerability and effectiveness. For a unique "skin-well-being"».

All products are manufactured according to individual formulations that follow the demanding ARTEMIS formulation framework. The framework defines in detail which raw materials and technologies may or may not be used. Of course without animal testings, but that goes without saying.

Vegan? Basically yes, but with some decent exceptions: E.g. beeswax or lactic acid derivatives are excellent, natural and tolerable ingredients that can be positively evaluated from sustainable production. Good for the product, for the environment and for the animal itself.

The "high art of omission" is therefore the great challenge today - and in a differentiated way, instead of "the more the better".

This was and is the only way to create the best skincare in the world 


Interview with Thomas FRÜH



It all started with an ambitious goal: Quality without compromise. With Natural Hightech from Switzerland, it became the most beautiful reality.

"HYBRID SKINCARE" or "Natural Hightech".

What exactly does this mean?

HYBRID SKINCARE stands for the symbiosis of nature and high-tech. Because neither nature nor high-tech is in itself perfect for topical application. And both worlds bring solutions and problems at the same time.

We are convinced that the often sharp line between nature and the latest science is simply outdated. Our experience is that the skin benefits the most from natural plant substances that are refined with high-tech active ingredients and -methods. That is the basis of ARTEMIS, our philosophy.

What is special about the finishing processes that ARTEMIS performs on raw materials?
Can you give an example? 
ARTEMIS uses traditional knowledge from plant science, reinterprets the raw materials and refines them with the best that science has to offer. The newly inserted Alpine Rose Stemcell is a good example. The positive, activating properties of the plant have been known for generations. However, the latest scientific findings only today make it possible to cultivate and implement the functions that are important for skin care – and at the same time to protect the plant. The same applies to the Edelweiss, which is used in all products.

The manufacturers of natural cosmetics repeatedly stress that nature cannot be improved. How do you see that?

Nature provides wonderful raw materials. But many think that everything that is natural is also healthy. And that everything that is synthetically made is unhealthy. This is not true, at least not in the field of skin care.

Do you have an example of this?

I am thinking in particular of essential oils, which are often used as preservatives or fragrances, but which inherently carry a high risk of allergies. In particular, natural cosmetics with a declaration "without preservation" or "without chemical preservation" are subject to unknown risks and could lead to an increase in observed allergic reactions in the field of cosmetics.

How do you deal with the topic of irritants?

We avoid them! ARTEMIS products, for example, do not contain parabens and thus take into account a long-standing customer concern, which has so far been rather slow lyreceived by the industry.

... but you use fragrances! Isn't that an extra that a brand has to do without if it wants to strip over the coat of the best possible skin compatibility?

All our perfumes are free of the 26 fragrance components that have to be declared for several years because they are known for their negative influences and increased allergy potential. ARTEMIS uses only hypoallergenic fragrances. For MED and SKINLOVE, wir even dispense with all known allergic fragrances according to SCCS.

And how do you stabilize the products?

Proper preservation must be! An insufficiently preserved product with the germs it can contain is a potentially greater risk to the skin than a tested product with an optimal concentration of a known preservative. But there are some to avoid and so we do.

What is unique about ARTEMIS OF SWITZERLAND?

The uncompromising quality that starts with the selection of the best plant and high-tech raw materials, coupled with the latest knowledge of international cosmetic research. Finally, a GMP compliant production (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice). This means that ARTEMIS stands for the original Swiss. For authentic products at the highest level.

You have developed several exclusive “compounds” for your products. What is a “compound”?

The ARTEMIS-exclusive compounds consist of carefully coordinated raw materials and complexes, which can have an optimal effect in interplay. The hydrocalmin compound® e.g. is the heart of our SKIN AQUATICS line. With herbal extracts and a high-tech active ingredient, the skin formula helps to store moisture sustainably. It protects against negative environmental influences, soothes and strengthens the skin's barrier against internal and external stress factors.

And how does the GABAretinate Compound ®?

It enriches all products of our anti-aging line SKIN ARCHITECTS. The GABAretinate Compound® combines stabilized vitamins with edelweiss extract and an amino acid. The formula has a relaxing effect on the skin surface, which makes facial wrinkles appear to be softened. It protects against negative environmental influences, promotes the natural formation of cushioning collagen and fights wrinkles in the long term.

Sounds nice ...

... and so it is! The compounds are perfect examples of our philosophy of optimal, symbiotic combination of nature and high-tech in a hybrid system. That's why we rightly call our products "HYBRID SKINCARE - Natural Hightech from Switzerland".


Thomas Früh

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