The Partners

HELVECOS developed its own distribution strategy: it combines the qualities of the qualified specialized trade (perfumery, drugstore, pharmacy) with the modern aspects of the internet era.

The partners of HELVECOS can be divided into two categories:



As a B2B partner, every specialized dealer who offers a qualified perfumery selection and capably provides advice to his customers, is eligible to obtain and retail HELVECOS products. She or he can do so in a department store, drugstore or specialized perfumery. Each B2B partner is free to choose their product range.

HELVECOS INNER CIRCLE partners retail the complete product range of a brand. They regularly take part in INNER CIRCLE trainings. They have the necessary know-how to provide optimal and comprehensive advice to their customers. INNER CIRCLE partners benefit from various advantages: better conditions and consulting bonuses when selling goods online. We are glad to give you more information on this issue.

At HELVECOS, we believe in the power of a good partnership.

„HELVECOS delivers honest Swiss cosmetic products to each household and globally acts as a trusted partner of the qualified specialized trade and of the demanding consumer – online as well as offline.“