Inner Circle Partnering

The way online business is conducted today, interests blur and former allies suddenly face each other as enemies. The retailer who advises and offers his customers different brands must always be the brand's ambassador.

By "INNER CIRCLE PARTNERING" we understand the symbiosis of analogue and digital worlds in a new way. While the interests of industrial brands and retailers are drifting further and further apart, we combine them with our Inner Circle concept to create a constructive sphere of activity.

Online trading takes place whether we want it to or not. If we combine constructive trade in the net with our partners and let them benefit, both will become stronger. And that is the goal! Every brand needs its ambassadors and emotional touchpoints to consumers, which are not just bits and bytes.

Consumers are better informed than ever before. Nevertheless - or perhaps precisely because of this - they seek dialogue with competent retailers who can competently explain the differences between lines and products to them.